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The world moving in “RIGHT” direction

The election of Donald Trump as the President of United States Of America came as a shock to many people around the world. Especially for the liberals and democrats who vehemently supported and expected Hillary Clinton to win the election and were confident of her win.To a large extent, not just the democrat supporters, but the entire main stream media, political analysts, poll predictors and economic pundits got it wrong. Contrary to the media speculation of Trump losing the  election , Trump emerged with a huge majority. Against all odds of media propaganda to project Trump as a demon with little respect for women, to publicizing him to be a narcissist, male chauvinist, misogynist in the leagues of Hitler,people of America preferred to elect Trump, ignoring the media propaganda.

With Trump’s election, a new shift in the world politics has emerged. Often looked at as a virulent individual opposing immigrants and having hostility towards Muslims as a religious group, a loose cannon who verbally attacked his opponents, Trump represented the voice of the silent majority who preferred remaining anonymous until the election day to support him.It was an example of growing consensus in people who believe their country, culture, values and lives are being affected by the over liberal policies and a blind eye of the liberal politicians towards the growing menace of terrorism coming from the Islamic faith. Unfortunately, most of the acts in recent times in America and other western countries was attributed to people belonging to the religion of Islam.

The explosive situation in Syria has brought hoards of Muslim refugees to the door steps of many western nations, including USA. A growing concern among the native people of these countries is about the refugees feeding on their tax benefits and at the same time the fear of infiltration of these countries with ISlamic militants like a trojan horse, with a political agenda to dominate these countries with huge influx of Muslim people, ultimately to dominate them. To add twist to the context, many of these countries have witnessed sharp increase in rapes, terrorist activities, suicide bombing and other crimes which the natives blame is the result of these mindless migration. This sense of fear among the natives is making way to the renewed ideology of nationalism,  especially among the youth. The mushrooming ghettos across many countries with people following private laws only applicable for themselves is further alienating them from the mainstream.A sense of insecurity, threat and loosing one’s national identity, cultural value is forcing the youth of these nations to align themselves to the right wing ideology which is based on the ideals of upholding Nationalism, one’s own culture and values and resisting culture and values imposed from others.

From east to west, this phenomenon seems to be gaining firm ground. In the east, India witnessed its highly polarized elections in 2014 resulting in emergence of the right wing nationalist party coming to power with a huge majority. In Austria, the popular right wing party narrowly missed the presidential elections but promises to be in power in the next election. Right wing ideology is on the rise in Netherlands, with Girt Wilder’s party gaining substantial support among people. One thing that seems common among all these, emergence of right wing ideology is in direct response to the threat of foreign faith and ideology impacting the people of the country. In the present context, it is the faith of Islam and its people. The turmoil in the middle east has pushed millions and millions of Muslim immigrants in most of the western countries. Along with the people, comes their faith, culture and laws. The problem emerges when the immigrants migrate to new lands, but do not give up their rigid beliefs, which makes it difficult for them to assimilate in the native culture resulting in friction with the native people.Adding fuel to the fire is the beliefs that since they believe in certain faith they are above the law of the land and that the laws relevant to them are those derived from their faith.

The dynamics of world politics is surely in for a big twist. With many countries leaning towards the Right Wing politics, it will be interesting to see how this all will shape the turn of the events in coming future. Not to forget, it was this fervent Nationalism that created Nazism in Germany and the world is witness to the horrific end results of it. Whenever something is stretched to the point of posing a threat to the existence of someone, it creates a terrible response.A common pattern seems to be happening in many country’s liberal politics. The liberal politics , in the name of secularism and inclusiveness , has long been ignoring the benefits of their own people. In the name of appeasement, the leftist politics has been letting some ideologies to override the beliefs of others. In the name of assimilation, they have turned a blind eye on the dilution of the culture and values of majority leading to more and more people joining the right wing ideology. The repercussions of these can be devastating. Only time will tell whether this is right or going in a wrong direction.


“Jannatyaan” – Mission to Paradise

Kapistan, Upgunistan and Jokistan along with other oil rich countries, envious of India’s success of the Mars orbiter “Mangalyaan” launched their own much awaited satellite called “Jannatyaan”, immediately following the news of Mangalyaan’s launch. “Jannatyaan” will explore the relatively unknown planet called “Jannat”. The “Jannat” planet was first discovered by an ancient Arab scientist and was kept as a close guarded secret until this time, known only to the secret society. While “Mangalyaan” is still to enter the orbit of Mars, it is claimed that “Jannatyaan” has already reached the “Jannat” planet’s orbit in record time, just in a day of its launch. Made from special material that resembles the camel skin and propelled by the rarest and special fuel with an efficiency of one million kilometers per liter and only found in the deserts of Arabia, the “Jannatyaan” is the most fuel efficient, most economical, and most sophisticated satellite to be ever developed in the history of mankind, sources claim.

It had been a long quest for many people faithful to BAIT – the coalition of the secret societies of ”Boko Haram”,“Al Qaida”, “ISIS” the new pioneer in space science and defense, and “Taliban” the society of pure students, to explore the “Jannat” planet that was much talked in the close circles of these secret societies. Now that the secret is being openly revealed to the world, the scientists of BAIT claim that the “Jannat” planet is not part of the solar system, but outside of it and much beyond it. Rotating alone on its own axis, “Jannat” is a secluded, beautiful milky planet, millions of miles away from earth and which the world has not known so far. The planet is abode to several million virgin “houris”, the celestial beauties with large black dove eyes, smooth fair milky skin and beautiful bodies. Rivers of milk and honey and wine and whisky and vodka and some desi daroo flow there in, between trees of dates and almonds and raisins and grapes and walnuts. The virgin “houris” on the planet never age, nor do they go through nature’s cycle, BAIT scientists claim. They are pure as pearl, in the words of the BAIT. The BAIT scientists are proud of their achievement and snob that their mission will cover more than million times the distance “Mangalyaan” would cover and costs one tenth the cost of Mangalyaan. Before “Jannatyaan”, “Mangalyaan” will look inferior, BAIT scientists grin. The “Jannatyaan” is capable of taking Hi-Definition 1080 pixel close-up pictures and videos of the “Jannat” planet and the “houris” and other nature’s beauty there, which “Mangalyaan” cannot. The idea behind using such hi-tech technology for photography on the satellite is to send back pictures of “houris” on “Jannat” planet directly to the cell phones of the soldiers of BAIT, the scientist say. BAIT believes that these pictures will motivate the soldiers of the army division of BAIT, who are fighting the non-believers around the world with a belief that one day they will get to see and meet the “houris” of “Jannat” which they are promised if they fight the non-believers and slay them in the fight. BAIT’s soldiers are presently demotivated because they only get to hear about the dove eyed seductive “houris” on jannat planet, and how their beauty never fades, and how their lustful gaze captivates the hearts of the bravest of the fighters, but they never get to meet or see pictures of any. They feel sad about it. Some of the soldiers have in fact boycotted the fight saying that unless they see a proof that of “houris” and “Jannat” for real, they will not fight. A section of the army in fact sat on dharna, inspired by the activist leader of India, Mr. Fekriwal, and demanded proof of “houris” of “Jannat” planet to continue the fight. The morale of the army is at all-time low. With “Jannatyaan” BAIT believes that the morale of the fighters on ground will boost again, once they see the hi-definition pictures of the houris with their lustful smiles and captivating beauty. It will rejuvenate them. It will also confirm that “Jannat” planet is not just an illusion but a reality and it will motivate the fighters to fight to their full strength. With these rejuvenated fighters, BAIT believes that it will capture the entire world and bring the non-believers to justice, especially America and its allies.

In a press conference telecasted live on the popular television channel, the bearded spokesperson of “BAIT” with a black turban, Mr. Bakbakuddin-All-Faiq declared that this is a victory to the faithful. With the exploration of “Jannat” planet, a new era has begun, he claims. Now that the planet has been discovered, BAIT plans to lay air routes directly from the battlefield to the “Jannat” planet. This special air route will be capable of instant transfer of the departed soldiers to “Jannat” planet in a special rocket made just for this, so that the martyred soldiers reach “Jannat” quickly and enjoy with the “houris” and the eternal bliss there in. In fact, just after the news about “Jannatyaan” broke, there was an overwhelming response to participate in this mission from faithful people around the world in anticipation of going to “Jannat”. So much has been the demand that the offices of BAIT are overflowing with applications from candidates around the world. Young and old are equally curious and excited about this “Jannatyaan” mission in general and the “houris” on the “Jannat” planet in particular. The spokesperson of BAIT however categorically stated that, the “Jannat” planet is only permitted to the believers and not to enemies, especially not for Americans, Israelis and Indians since they are non-believers and the enemies of BAIT, the society of believers. As the BAIT spokesperson closed his statements with the press, he praised the lord and slit the throat of a nearby American journalist to prove that BAIT’s words were final and there was no questioning them, when the journalist foolishly tried to question him about the authenticity of this mission. America and its allies have now started to take BAIT seriously, which they earlier ignored as small “bait”. They have realized that BAIT is big bait that has already lured large number of people in its mission.

Applauds and best wishes are flooding in to BAIT’s office from around the world. A grand camel procession stretching from Morocco in the west to Kapistan in the east is organized to celebrate this grand success of BAIT and is to be broadcasted live on television.

Fanatical Order

In a closed, dark, secretive enclave, in a remotely unknown place, there assembled a group of notorious men. There was silence in the room except for one man who spoke, seated at the center, circled by the group. He had dark glasses on, and had serious disposition. He had a deep scar across his cheek which suggested he had probably dared a valorous fight. His gestures demonstrated that he cared least for others but expected others to follow his orders. With each of his instructions there was consensus of agreement and dreadful cheer. His voice was authoritative and imperious. There was no scope to raise a question on his orders. Questioning him was considered as questioning his authority and rebellion to this status. There were rules that bound each member of the group. The activities of the group were carried out in secrecy.  Members of the group had to follow the discipline of the hierarchy. The motive of the group was to spread the order and have  people in following and to establish its supremacy and govern the lives of people by the rules of the group. Extortion, kidnapping, terror, intimidation were the basis of the ideology. Opposing the ideals of the group was considered betrayal and was punishable by death. Fear and punishment formed the basis of the ideology.

Far away in a remote place, under a quite, expansive edifice with tall towers, there stood a man with a dark robe that extended from neck to his toe. There assembled a large crowd who listened to the man faithfully. The edifice was silent with only the voice of the man in the dark robe in high pitch. The man’s voice was imperious. His words followed from a book he held that he swore was from a supreme authority who had written the book and who claimed to be proclaimer of the will of god. His words were un- questionable. He quoted from the book and elaborated the meaning. Following the quotes, there was common consensus and a dreadful cheer. Questioning the teachings was considered questioning the supreme authority who spoke through the book. There were rules that bound the followers of that book. Faithful to the book had to follow the discipline of the hierarchy prescribed by the supreme authority. The motive of the authority was to spread the ideology and establish supremacy and govern the lives of people by the rules of the book. Terror, intimidation or deception, if done for the cause of spreading the ideology, was considered righteous duty and forgivable by the supreme. Opposing the ideals of the supreme authority was blasphemous, punishable by death. Fear and punishment formed the basis of the ideology.

Ideals of both were parallel. One had a face that communicated its followers; the other was hidden in disguise. The former had a minority following, the later had following at large, across boundaries.  The former carried out the criminal acts and was known for his notoriety. The later did the same but in anonymity and disguise . The former was considered evil and threat to the society while the other, who was a greater threat, not just for society but the entire humanity was mistaken to be peaceful diviner. Both were sides of the same coin, both followed fanatical order.

The Silence Of The Moderates

Malala Yousufzai

MALALA YOUSUFZAI, this name has come to represent, the voice of those millions of innocent girls like her, yearning for peace, freedom and education in the oppressed society governed by evil forces like the Taliban. It is  generally the weaker section of the society, that is the women, which bears the brunt of the male dominated chauvinist ideology. It was not surprising that the Taliban, the dangerous cult that dwells on the core principles of oppression, terrorism, ignorance and hatred imposed ban on the girls from going to school and studying, along with ban on anything that represents a secular free society. On Oct 9, 2012, Malala Yousufzai, the innocent girl, aspiring for education and freedom was attacked by a Taliban gunman in an attempt to assassinate her. Her crime? She was outspoken about the atrocities of the Taliban, She liked freedom, She wanted to go to school, She wanted peace in her loving home land. Ironically, the word “Taliban” means “Students” in Pashto language. What a shame, ones calling themselves “students” do not understand the importance of education. On the contrary, the Taliban claim that their act was justified. This was their statement released to the press in their own words “We did not attack her for raising voice for education. We targeted her for opposing mujahideen and their war. Sharia (Islamic law based on Quran) says that even a child can be killed if he is propagating against Islam.”

Pic courtesy: AP Photo / University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

The Taliban along with its fascist allies were at the forefront to criticize and call for beheading of the makers of the movie on the Prophet of Islam. What followed since the posting of the movie was widespread violent protests, killings, arson in many  parts of the Muslim world that lasted for more than a month. The so-called moderates were not far in criticizing and expressing their anger on the movie, pouring down in streets around the world. The supposedly moderate and secular government of Pakistan went to the extent of shutting down the whole country in protest of the movie. While there were widespread protests against a cheesy movie (which is not even worthy of mention) on the Prophet of Islam, the heinous act of the Taliban did not receive the same kind of criticism.

Protest in Pakistan against movie "Innocence of muslims"

Image courtesy: Reuters

Why are those moderate voices which roared on the streets to denounce the movie not heard now, when an innocent girl is struggling for her life? Why don’t those voices fill the streets to criticize the abominable acts of the Taliban? Where was the moderate government of Pakistan when the assassins were preparing to attack the poor girl? Except for some candle light vigils and a handful  demonstrations mostly by women activists, there has been no public criticism for this act of violence in Pakistan itself where this happened, let alone other parts of the world. Nor has there been an official criticism of the Taliban by the Pakistani government despite the fact that the Taliban has killed thousands of innocent people in the Swat valley and continues to do so to this day. Once again the Taliban has proved that it is their voice that reverberates stronger than the moderate voices.

Silence of the moderates could only mean, either the moderates agree with the ideology of the Taliban or they are too timid to speak against such ideology. It is the silence of the moderates that gives courage to the tiny minority such as Taliban to exert their ideology over the majority. It is the silence of the moderates that lets a handful fanatics to hijack the faith and use it to suit their evil agenda.When the moderates can come strongly to defend their faith if someone criticizes it, why can’t they come to denounce those who misuse the faith, if they think it is misused?. If the evil has to be eradicated, the moderate voices should resonate, resonate stronger and stronger.

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