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A layman review of the new generation electric cars

Wouldn’t it be nice, to drive in an environment with no pollution? Wouldn’t it be nice, if we don’t have to dig for oil change deals, emission check deals or exhaust repair deals?

Come electric cars, many pains owing to gasoline cars will be alleviated. Electric cars may eventually replace gasoline cars. It is still a long way ahead, but the glimmer of hope has been lit. Government must be commended, for encouraging no pollution electric cars and also to not kneel before the oil lobbyists, who have hindered the growth of electric vehicle technology since several decades for their personal gains.

The concept of electric car is not new. The history of electric car dates back to 1800s when early inventions in the field of electric car were made in some European countries. However, lack of adequate technology, prevented its commercial success; added to that, the powerful oil lobbies exerted pressure on government to further prevent this technology from maturing. (more…)


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