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Silicon To Chilecon Valley

Maoi of Chile

Maoi of Chile – Picture courtesy:wikipedia, under creative commons license

US Immigration policies are a curse to talented entrepreneurial individuals coming from around the world, who bring high skills, advanced knowledge and creative ideas for betterment of people and the country. Silicon Valley has been a hot bed of innovations from couple of decades now.  Facebook, Amazon, Twitter , Google, you name it, all the renowned names have found the needed nurture to grow and expand  here. Place, People and Policies, all have been conducive for new start-ups and their innovators in this mecca of technology, except for talented immigrants, who come to USA with a hope that their ideas will be recognized and rewarded and help them to create their dream ventures in US.

Lack of streamlined immigration policies, issues with visa renewals, refusal of visas on trivial reasons, extremely prolonged times to process green cards, restrictions to start businesses on immigrant visas, have hurt and added to the miseries of the highly skilled immigrants and forced them to seek other places to find ways to implement their ideas. Many have just found it beneficial to return back to their home countries, which have welcomed them back with open arms. This is the onset of reverse brain drain for America. Many of the world-renowned and successful companies in the US were founded by people who came as immigrants; take the example of Sun Microsystem or Hotmail. They had to wait long to get their resident-ship before they could create a company however. Many more great ventures are obstructed from creation, just because of the lousy, time retarded American visa policies.

Chile , the ribbon shaped country that stretches on the west side of southern American continent, and one which is not known much for technology or high-end development, has shown a welcome gesture  to the budding entrepreneurs  to try their innovations with its “Start-Up Chile” program, reports “The Economist”. The response has been immensely good if we are to believe the news. Educated, innovative and entrepreneurial individuals, who are left with no avenues in the so-called land of opportunities because of the vague immigration policies, will find a new world to explore. Besides the venture capital, lenient visa policies and governmental support for establishing and promoting businesses, Chile has much more to offer. Best wines, beautiful beaches, diversified food among others.

Sure, all those sharp minds will listen to the “Call of Chilecon Valley”. USA is on its losing end with its stringent immigration policies, while others capitalize on the talent from around the world.


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