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The “End Of The World” that comes and goes

Not so Dear  “End of the World”,

You have been special to many. From the Mayan to the Modern world, you have been the favorite topic of predictions and discussions. You were believed to come from beginning of 2012. Some believed you will come with a devastating avatar and end the world. In distant corner of  California, an evangelist roamed with his huge fancy Van calling people to submit to the lord to be saved because, the world is coming to an end.  From a remote basement of a house, a foolish technocrat developed a website to welcome you with daily account of your expected arrival. A cunning director made lot of money featuring you in a movie, certainly, cashing on the fear of the public.  An enthusiast lady planned a world tour before everything was gone forever. A lazy employee refused to take any more responsibility at work since the world was coming to end anyway and, he had no one to answer to.  Somewhere an innocent teen was depressed that he bought a new iPhone and cannot use it longer. You became the joke of the decade. When someone would plan for future, people would ask “Why do you plan for your future, when the world is coming to an end in 2012?”

We are almost done with 2012 and getting ready for Christmas and holidays. I don’t see any signs of you coming. I do not worry, nor believe that you can ever come. Because I know you are not real but just a feeling that comes and goes all the time. And this feeling comes several times to several people. I just heard from my friend that his world is coming to an end….. (Shhh!!! His girl friend caught him screwing someone else).

Welcome  Christmas , Santa and a bright new year to come shortly 🙂 . Enjoy rest of “End of the World”.


Socially Unsocial

Lots of hope (or hype to be appropriate?) goes into social network/ social media these days.  Ask anyone “What is the next big thing in technology?” or “What is the most innovative thing that happened in this decade?”, the answer invariably will be “Social Media, Social network“, ie Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and what not. Everybody wants to be social. It has become fashionable to be net social these days. Gone are the days when people would meet in public places and discuss topics of interests, share jokes and experiences. Now these things happen only on internet through the social networks like Facebook, MySpace and others. It is addiction of a sort, to be social on the internet. Everybody, let it be a boy of school or a grandpa in his 90’s, want’s to be on Facebook these days.If  you are not on Facebook, you are not considered social animal anymore.

Unlike the conventional social gathering, where most often if not all the time, you would meet people whom you already knew from before, in the new social network you meet people whom you have never seen in your life sometimes. It is a different issue if the person with whom you are socially interacting on the network is really a person who you think he is in the first place.

Talking of addiction,being on Facebook and creating various social groups is another such addiction. I know some of my friends, who just like creating some blah! blah! blah! group, drag all of their contacts into it, no matter whether  they like it or not, and keep posting some junk. By doing so they think they have become some kind of celebrity with several followers.  Then arises a rival group formed by some other who drags all people from the former group to his. Then starts the race of number of members in each other’s group, then bitching and abusing each other. I know one friend who does nothing but forms various groups and publishes comments entire day. If no one responds , which is often the case, he replies to his own comments, writes jokes , appreciates them and laughs by himself. While others whom he has drawn to all his groups, just look at his stupidity with fun. He has turned a lunatic, a Facebook lunatic. (more…)

Does music tell anything about our personality?

I often wonder if our liking for a particular music has anything to say about our personality?. I personally believe it does. The general believe is however that, music affects our mood and feeling, but may not have any significance to define our personality. There has been enough research done on this subject, which states that a particular type of music invokes a particular feeling in us.Like for example, silent and soothing music tends to make us calm and peaceful or, aggressive music tends to make you rebellious, so on and so forth. I guess, music does affect to some extent on our mood and feeling, but at the same time, music also tells something, if not completely, about our personality as well. Let’s analyze a little bit.


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