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Exam phobia

I had an exam to attend and I had a long commute to reach the exam center which was not where I normally went to study so I wasn’t familiar with the area where it was located. The examination time was morning 9 A.M and I woke up late at 8 A.M in the morning which left little time for me to get myself ready. Hastily I got ready. Time was 8.30 A.M.  I had to take a local train to reach the exam center which would take around half an hour to reach. I hurried down to the train terminal across the street from my home with all my exam materials. I entered the station which had an elevator to take to the platform to board the train. In a hurry, I rushed inside the waiting train as soon as I reached the train platform. I did not notice the train number or the destination it was headed to. catching train in hurryThe train moved with deafening noise of the wheels. It gained pace as it crossed several busy streets beneath the flyovers over which it ran while I fixated myself on the notes for the last-minute preparation of the exam to follow. Long after the train had left the station and was about to reach the destination, I realized that it was a wrong train that I had boarded, it wasn’t going to the place where the exam center was, rather to a remote part of the town. I was terrified; the time now was 8:50 A.M which left only few minutes for the exam to begin. I got off the train at the next station where it stopped momentarily. As soon as I got down, I ran around in a frenzy manner around the platform asking people for the correct train to go to the exam place. People looked at me strangely, as though I was foolish to ask this question and one which I should know myself. I called my dad to ask for the correct train number. I ran back to the platform number which my dad suggested. Time was running out, I was getting late. If I would be late, I would miss out important time to write the exam, or worst, I would not be allowed to appear for the exam. My heart was pumping hard, my stomach had a churn, and thousand questions flashed my mind. (more…)


Food for Thought

I meant what I said. Does our eating habit affect our thought? Do some kind of foods help to improve our thinking, memory and processing power?  When I was a kid and studying, my mother would always suggest me to eat light vegetarian food, especially green leafy vegetables, reasoning that veggie food is healthier for brain and help me in my studies. Also, elders at home would recommend eating almonds and fishes to improve memory, which I would follow religiously for some day and then give up when I would see no change since I would forget what I had read the previous day 🙂 . In this fast paced world, if we do not see change happening soon, we get disappointed and loose interest in it. We need everything quick, everything in short cut. Moreover, at an age when our senses crave for eating all kinds of addictive crappy food, even ambrosia suggested by elders seems like poison 🙂 . It is difficult to digest the suggestions given by elders, forget about digesting the foods they recommend. Was there sense in what they recommended after all? If veggie food and some type of foods in deed help in developing brain, wouldn’t everybody in this world be intelligent? How many scientists or inventors in this world are vegetarian or eat fish and almonds regularly. Why this perception of foods to be affecting our brain power? Does traditional and age-old belief hold any scientific truth? What does research say about it? Does that endorse what our elders suggest us by their experience or what they followed as a tradition? Let’s turn to some facts and see.


Are we hypnotized ?

When I was kid I happened to attend a hypnotism show arranged in my primary school. Hypnotism was an unheard and unseen phenomenon for me at that time. Curious that Hypnotism was something like Magic show, I joined other friends of mine to see the show. During the show the hypnotist requested some of the people in the audience, including me, to join his tricks on the stage. I was reluctant to go on stage with a fear that the hypnotist whom I thought to be a magician, would make me disappear or convert me into a pigeon. I put off the idea of going on stage , rather, pushed my close buddy to go ahead.

The hypnotist started his spell on the guys  on the stage by waving his hand in front of their faces. He instructed them to go to sleep and in no time all the guys on the stage collapsed on floor in deep sleep, as though someone pulled the mat below their feet, like a block of woods collapse on ground. While all of the guys still lay on the floor in slumber, the hypnotist yelled that a war has broken out and that they need to get up and go on war. He ordered them to get up and get their weapons and armor ready. Within seconds everyone was on their feet, still eyes closed, they pretended to be soldiers and behaved like fierce warriors firing their gun and killing all the enemies on their way. Some lay on the ground pretending to be shot in chest. The scene was very funny. It seemed like they were acting just to make the audience laugh, however, the guys were too serious, some crying in agony and others acting in rage. Later on the hypnotist instructed that the war was over and they have won it, to which, all the guys on stage rejoiced their victory hugging and yelling in joy. Later on he moved all the people on one side and picked only my buddy. (more…)

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