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While my guitar gently weeps….

“I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping, while my guitar gently weeps..” , that popular song of the Beatles, was coming to mind unknowingly this morning. And , I looked around in my room to find my guitar lying on the floor in one corner from days and possibly because of want of attention was probably weeping :D.

With much enthusiasm, I bought my guitar few days back, a nice “Epiphone” acoustic , which sounds melodious, passed on to me by one previous unjust hands which didn’t bother to strike its strings from a long long time.  So much urge I would have to learn guitar, when I would listen to the beatles or eagles play their popular numbers, my fingers would crave to play over the strings. Though too late in my life, but still, with  high spirit  to learn to play guitar, I went to a guitar master, who advertised himself online, to be a guitar star, playing with reputed brands, and who had travelled across the globe and who lived his dream as a renowned guitarist and a musician, to get my lessons. Hope was that I will learn to play guitar very well soon, learning it from the rock star himself, if not become a star like him.

The guitar guru of mine was very impressed with his new pupil, who showed much interest in music and playing guitar. The guru probably thought that the new pupil would carry his legacy. The lessons started with lot of fun and interest  while I learned some tricks and trades of the instrument. And then slowly,  transformation from pleasure to pain began. Boy! , you need strong fingers to play this thing, what you think is not what it is. It really hurts. It is really a Pain in the no  Fingers :).  I have religiously practiced for 2 days since the first lessons, trying to be faithful with my guitar and giving it justice. Alas!, my fingers really cannot take it, it is one hell of a task. Being an IT person and hitting the keyboard for entire day and then coming back sore handed , picking up the lovely instrument but not playing it, just to disappoint it,  is  bad, total injustice to the nice instrument. From the third day on wards, my guitar is lying in a corner on the floor like an abandoned child. Waiting like a baby to be picked by someone and to play with it.I happened to ignore and forget it at all, owing to the sore fingers. After several days of dejection, finally when I passed by it, I saw a thick layer of dust and pollen covered over it. I wrote “Sorry” with my finger on the guitar, drawn out of the thick dust on it.  My guitar is still lying there “weeping”, and it will probably weep until it gets the next caring and playful fingers to play with it, since I decided not to play it to save my own fingers. And while my Guitar lies weeping, I’m trying to find reasons to tell the guitar master that I cannot continue anymore …lol


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