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Why I wish to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister Of India.

Shri Narendra Modi

Shri Narendra Modi

Between allegations and counter allegations, mud-slinging, endless media debates aimed at drawing foolish political conclusions, with the graphs of speculations of people’s inclination rising and falling, charged campaigning; India’s election season is the most entertaining season among all. It is also the most followed live entertainment show of all times. The election year 2014 has been the most talked about, tweeted about, SMSed about, shared about election news in all these years. Social media forming a key role in online campaign. With the Hindu Nationalist party BJP gaining strong foot and its most controversial Leader Narendra Modi emerging as the strongest and the most popular leader across the country, this Indian election has also been the most polarized election ever in India’s history.

The emergence of Shri Narendra Modi is a phenomenon never seen before in India. The Shri Modi wave, as it is being called, has swept each and every part of the country. There may not be a single person in India today who has not been touched by the Modi wave – whether one loves Modi or hates him – no one has escaped his aura. While Modi’s agenda in the election has been development and only development, the agenda of his rivals has been Modi himself. With no concrete agenda on their plate, they have clung on to Modi for their own campaign. The unfortunate riot of Gujarat in 2002 is the only issue based on which his opposition has been trying hard to neutralize his popularity. Popular Media, which is mostly controlled by the ruling government has been raking up the riot issue over and over again to project him as communal and thus, not being good for the country. There are some other parties whose existence in politics is only because of Modi. All in all, the entire country is today gripped with this single name “Narendra Modi” and it does not seem to subside this soon. Not until the election results are out and several days pass after that.

This election also comes at a time when the people of India are fed-up of the dynastic, corrupt exemplar Congress party of the Gandhi family. Being in power over 60 years, the Gandhi family and its Congress party has benefited itself much more than anybody, amassing enormous wealth. People are looking for a person or a party that could be a good alternative for the ruling party. Someone who can get India out of the clutches of Congress and its misrule. The newly formed “Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)” of Arvind Kejrwal looked promising when it started as an anti-corruption movement against the Congress. But after its failure to deliver in Delhi as a state government, it lost trust and popularity. Moreover during due course, AAP resorted to the same appeasement politics that congress had been using for several decades. Added to it, its aimless policies, visionless leadership drove many Nationalists away from this party who had earlier seen to it with great hope. The best alternative in this scenario was someone who had already delivered successfully, someone who was head strong, someone who had clear vision and policy, and someone who cared only for development of the country, someone who was tough against internal and external threats. There was no better choice than Shri Narendra Modi.

In Modi, we have a statesman who has shown what development looks like. Gujarat has seen unprecedented development under Modi ever since he assumed power, a decade back. Though other states in India have also developed, but the growth that Gujarat has seen relative to the others clearly stands out. There may not be a single state in India like Gujarat that has such a nice network of roads. It feels good to drive on roads even to the remotest village in Gujarat. The infrastructure speaks itself of the development. Not long back, just over decade or so, in the Kutch region of Gujarat, poor people use to sell their daughters for a pot of water. But today, thanks to the ambitious Narmada dam project of Shri Modi, the same Kutch cultivates land and exports its produce. This speaks bounds. There is not a single sector which has not witnessed the development. May it be IT, Agriculture, Textile, Engineering, Industrial Production, Medicine, Education or Infrastructure. No wonder, Gujarat has been the hot destination for investors. Business stalwarts like Ambani, Adani and Tata proudly call Gujarat their business home. Modi developed a conducive environment for Business, without compromising the interests of locals. The happy Businesses in turn have fueled the growth of Gujarat , improving its GDP to a remarkable rate. Though Kejriwal is credited with anti-corruption movement in recent times, the media conveniently overlooks Modi’s crusade against corruption from a decade. Corruption is the lowest in Gujarat state. He has favored Information Technology for transparency in governance and to eliminate corruption.

The ghost of Godhra

His political opponents have always accused Modi of being communal and turning a blind eye towards the Muslim community. He is accused of fomenting the Godhra riots of 2002. But frankly speaking, riots of much larger magnitude have happened in states that are ruled by Congress, more lives have been lost in riots before 2002. The Congress has conveniently covered them up. The reality of Gujarat riots actually speaks a different story. Over a period of 12 years, the central government machinery has not found a single evidence to prove Modi’s involvement in the riots. The Supreme Court itself has given him a clean chit after analyzing the circumstances and available evidences. As a matter of fact, the measures that Modi had taken to contain the riots are unmatched to measures taken in any other riots that happened before. With little cooperation from center, and neighboring states refusing to provide any help, he had to handle such a big riot in a short time when he had newly assumed office as a Chief Minister. It was a challenge by itself. But he did not run away from responsibility but handled the situation very efficiently.  Since 12 years Gujarat has not witnessed a single communal riot which by itself proves that all the allegations on him being communal, wrong. But the Ghost of Godhra still comes to haunt him. The ghost of Godhra is actually a creation of the central Congress government and its paid media. The accusation of riots on him is a plot to impede his popularity, to keep the Muslim population in fear and capitalize their votes. The real reason to create this ghost was to counter the tough stance of Modi against corruption, its strong opposition to appeasement politics, his clean and transparent governance. Just to keep him suppressed, the ghost of Godhra has been kept alive even after 12 yrs., while the people who actually suffered from it have already put it on their backs. From past 12 years the ruling party, its allies and its paid media and NGOs funded by vested interests have waged a war to frame Modi on false allegations. Some even joined hands with Jihadi terrorist, fundamentalists, just to put him down. But Modi has fought back with all these adversaries. He has stood like a rock against all. There is no person who has suffered this kind of criticism, so much adversities in Indian history. He has stood the test of time.

No to appeasement politics

Muslim population forms a major vote bank in India for any party. The big chunk of votes from Muslim community can tilt the political calculations for any party. So, there is a constant rat race among all the political parties to woe the Muslim population for political gains. Most parties have made it their main manifesto to appease Muslims in exchange for the big chunk of votes. In wake of getting Muslim votes, many parties go to any extent to appease them even if it means hurting the sentiments of the majority Hindu population. Modi is the only leader in present time that refused to go down on his knees for appeasement. He is the only person who has shown spine to call a spade a spade without fear. The Muslim community which is pampered over several years with benefits in exchange of votes feels that it will be deprived of all, so they fear  emergence of Shri Modi on political scene. Those parties that use the crutches of appeasement fear that their fate will be sealed and their appeasement politics will be halted if Modi comes to power. He was accused of hurting the sentiments of Muslims when he refused to wear the Muslim skull cap in one of his rallies. But such people who accuse him fail to understand the difference between cultural symbolism and religious symbolism. He has been very clear about his religious affiliation and his strong opposition to appeasement. Wearing a religious skull cap is not same as wearing a traditional attire of Tribal people. Wearing traditional attire is honoring the culture of that land and the people. That land may have different religious affiliations. Culture has much broader meaning than the religion. The Muslim skull cap is strongly tied to the religion; it is not a symbolism of culture. By refusing to accept religious symbolism he made it clear that he does not agree with the ideology of appeasement.

Tough views on foreign and internal policy

While India struggles with highly corrupt system spread like disease from top to bottom, it also suffers from threats internally and externally. While its external relations with its neighbors, Pakistan and China, are strained following adversaries over disputed lands, it is internally threated by terrorism, naxalism and Maoism. The corrupt present government with a weak Prime minister over the past decade has done nothing to overcome these threats and preserve the security and integrity of India. Nor there is any other party in this election that has any clear policy on these matters. Narendra Modi and his party have taken these threats seriously. Shri Modi has his stance very tough on these matters. Especially the issue of illegal immigrants that are contributing to a large extent to the growing problem of terrorism and crime in India. He has made his policy very clear on illegal immigration and that is, to send them back from where they came. No other leader or party has dared to say a word about the illegal immigrants in fear of hurting their vote bank, especially Muslim vote bank and since the largest number of illegal immigrants happen to be Muslims from Bangladesh.

Common man with extraordinary will power

A country that has only seen a dynasty rule and its cult following,  had not expected an ordinary man to rise to such prominence in the national political scene. Many of the leaders who come from elite families and those who have been ruling the country from past several decades are not able to digest this bitter truth that an ordinary tea vendor on the railway platform of Gujarat will one day become Prime Minister. They had thought that such a high post is only reserved for a select few, especially those who waggle around the elite Gandhi family. Basically, the elite ruling class has formed a nexus with the western valued English media, bureaucrats and politicians in such a way that, no matter what, the power always resides in their hands. Emergence of Shri Modi is the threat to this nexus. By his sheer hard work, good governance, extraordinary will power, honesty and focused goal, Narendra Modi has won the hearts of the common man. His rise poses a big threat to such an elite nexus. The growing following of people, which has flocked in millions to just hear him talk, has sent shivers to such a nexus. Whatever Modi has achieved today is only because of his strong will power, hard work and dedication. He has a clear and far sighted vision. He has a passion to back his vision too. From being a tea vendor to becoming the most popular leader in India, to being the Prime Minister in waiting, the journey for Modi has been extremely tough. With highest criticism, ridicule, conspiracies on his way from past 12 years, the determination and strength with which he has stood against his odds has no match. With the ruling congress , its allies and paid media, the NGOs, those were specially created to cause hurdles in his plans and ambitions, the several conspiracies to malign him, the several governmental inquires to frame him, the innumerable false accusations against him, it was a valley of fire that Modi had to cross over to reach at this stage. Even during the election campaigning many of his rivals directly threatened him, talked about cutting him to pieces, called him butcher and what not. But he did not lose his patience and never responded back with the same foul language. It shows his strong resilience and patience. It reveals a lot about his personality. It shows how strong a leader he is. It proves beyond doubt that India can rest assured to place its responsibilities on his strong shoulders.  It is said that genuine Gold stands the test in burning fire without losing its purity. Even after burning in the fire for a decade Shri Modi has emerged victorious, a genuine Gold. And the luster of this gold is sure to cause blindness to his opponents.

There are very few leaders in India who put Nation first and fortunately in our times we see one such leader in Shri Narendra Modi. While other leaders are busy working their calculators to speculate the percentage of votes based on caste and religion, Modi is focused on the development of India alone. He believes in the ideology of taking everyone for development of everyone (sabka saath, sabka vikas). His vision has been “One India, Great India”.  An India, that will stride alongside other developed countries. An India, that will regain its past glory, the “Golden Bird” that it had been before, owing to its material riches, riches in culture, education, trade and philosophy. India today needs someone who can help regain that glory of its past. A leader who can develop a sense of pride in other fellow Indians of being Indian. One who can motivate Nationalism and self-respect. The youth of India has not seen a leader from several decades that can instill that pride in them, evoke that sense of Nationalism in them. Many Indians are ashamed of their culture, tradition, history because of the falsified and fabricated history fed to them over decades. Greedy, selfish leaders, completely devoid of National pride, with no respect for their own culture and history, completely drenched in corruption have misled the youth over decades. Such leaders can never inspire, nor instil a feeling of pride or Nationalism in the new generation. India needs revival. India needs a strong leader who can motivate and inspire the youth. India needs immense development. India needs change. I strongly believe that only Shri Modi in the present time has that ability to bring such a change. India needs someone who can light the lamp of hope which can lead the youth to a bright future. Only such a light can vanquish the darkness that has engulfed India. However deep the darkness may be it is still possible to spread the light. In Modi’s own words “Maana andhera Ghana Hai, lekin Diya jalana kahan mana hai”, meaning “Though there is deep darkness, there is no restriction to light the lamp of brightness”.


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