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Visiting Bodies

As I drive to my work daily I see a huge billboard on the way, which says “Bodies – The Exhibition”. It never caught my attention to know what it was about. Being a person who disliked medical field as a student, overlooking an advert related to medical field was easy, until the day, when my sister-in-law who plans to visit us in couple of days mentioned about it and her enthusiasm to go see it. That aroused some curiosity in me to check out what this body exhibition was all about. So I planned a visit to it in Atlanta where I live.

The “Bodies” exhibit or museum as it is called is located in busy by-lanes of one of the trendy streets of Atlanta, called “Atlantic Station”. A very unusual place for a museum to be set, where hunks roam in lowered pants that mark the new mantra of fashion, and where beautiful girls in their dazzling garbs and alluring beauty tantalize your imagination, lines of nice restaurants on the street whose delicious aroma of food fills your nostrils as you pass by them. The crisscross of narrow lanes gives a feeling of funky town. With some skepticism, and little expectation, I entered the Bodies museum, where a skeleton hanging from top with its wide teeth and hollow eyes, welcomed me. The first stop was the display of bones. It did not impress me much, as a first impression.I wasn’t sure if the pricy entrance fee for the exhibit was really worth it. Mere looking at the parts on display wasn’t appealing so I resorted to reading the descriptions that complemented the parts on display. “Your bones are 3 times stronger than mild steel, but still constitute only 15% of body weight“… that sounded unbelievable!! (more…)


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