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My post will be pressed….. FRESHLY… Some day!!!

I log into WordPress everyday and I wish my post makes it to the freshly pressed list some day.

                        I read the tricks and tips of  “ What makes a post freshly press-able? ”, each time. I religiously follow the advises, and hope my post makes it press-able some time. But Alas!, I always miss the boat… and the same question sticks in my throat… “ When will my post be freshly pressed? 

I read all the freshly pressed posts like a humble cow. Some of them make no sense but still make to the freshly pressed, I wonder “How?”. There are some that are exceptionally nice, and I lament “ Why can’t I too be so wise? ”. There are so many out there which are better expressed, Mine is just a drop in the ocean. “ Oh! Will my posts ever be freshly pressed? “

And then I think “ Wait …Didn’t I start blogging for myself? For my own satisfaction? ” So, why get stressed? ”.  I’m blogging ‘ TO BE FRESH ‘ and not to be ‘ Freshly Pressed ‘ “. Writing and expressing myself in my own words relaxes my mind. Why do I need an endorsement for it of any kind?

No matter what, I will keep writing what feels good, and let my thoughts express in all likely hood. I know , “It will happen one day…. ”. “My post will be pressed… FRESHLY…. Some day… 😉 ”


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