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The lost artist in me

As a child I loved to draw and play with colors, as most other kids of my age would love to. However, my liking for drawing and colors extended beyond mere scrabbling. The keen interest I had in painting and sketching drew attention of my parents at a very early age. I remember my father telling me that I had sketched an image of Lord Ganesh when I was 4 year old. He had proudly kept that sketch for several days before it got lost somewhere in our small little house that we lived in, never to be found again. I don’t know whether I drew it really good , in fact I don’t even remember it. My father says that I had drawn it very nicely. May be it was just a blind admiration for his kid that my father loved it so much. but whatever, the fact was, I loved to draw and and my interest in drawing grew by the day as I grew. It made me happy when I could create what I see around me on a piece of paper. It amused me that I can change the color of trees , sky and what not, as I liked it to be. My world of color could have blue trees, a red smiling sun, purple sky or a river of milk. It was all possible, and I loved that I could play with it. The joy of creating something interested me much more to draw and paint.  (more…)


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