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Night at a European Airport Yotel (Hotel)

Living in USA for a long time, everything outside of USA seems small in size :). Big country,big buildings, big hotels, bigger cars, big people, big burgers.. everything big. If you ask an American it is always “Bigger the best”.  In fact for Americans, whatever is in USA is the biggest in the world :).  So far I have seen 3 biggest aquariums in the world in USA.  As a matter of fact each city has something that is biggest in the world.  There can be more than one biggest / largest in the world only in USA. Ok..jokes apart. My intention to talk about America’s biggest was to compare it with some other developed worlds. Specially the one’s in Europe.

We had to travel through Europe(Amsterdam) to our onward journey and for some unavoidable reason we had to make a stop and stay at a hotel in Airport. We could not go outside of airport to stay because of our visa restrictions. We managed to get the only available hotel in the airport . The hotel was called “Yotel”.   (more…)


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