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Gun culture and the massacre of innocents

Friday, Dec 14th 2012, was like any other day of the weekend for many Americans, but not for some parents. This day turned lives of some families upside down. Twenty gruesome killings of innocent school children, in the Sandy Hook elementary school in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut shattered dreams of many parents. A lunatic went on rampage , killing innocent kids at the school, after killing his own mother.

As a parent of two small kids, my heart goes to those poor families who lost their dear ones in this mindless killing. No amount of condolences , no amount of grief can ever  fill the void that is created in their lives with their loved ones gone for ever. It is difficult for the hearts of those parents to accept that they will never see their loved ones anymore. Every kid on the street that they will come across, every passing of the school bus, every laughter of some kid somewhere , will keep reminding those unfortunate parents of their own kids for years and years to come. A loss that can never be filled again. What a heavy price paid for no apparent mistake of anyone.

With such incidents on the rise, several questions come to the mind. “What makes someone in a civilized world commit such heinous crime , to kill innocents who have nothing to do with anything ?”  “Is it the social deprivation that drives someone crazy to commit such act?”  or it is the Gun culture prevalent in American society that promotes such condemn-able act. What kind of motive drives such people to act in this crazed manner. It is beyond understanding. We live in a developed country, with supposed civilized people, so to speak, but yet such incidents compels to think , are we really living in a civilized world? . The nature of such unpredictable, unmotivated killings makes this issue more dangerous.It can happen anytime , to anyone, and by anyone. Take the examples of the recent Colorado theater killings, the killings of Sikhs in a place of worship in Wisconsin and several others that happened during this year. Incidents of such unpredictable nature , pose a real challenge to the society in general. (more…)


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