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Fanatical Order

In a closed, dark, secretive enclave, in a remotely unknown place, there assembled a group of notorious men. There was silence in the room except for one man who spoke, seated at the center, circled by the group. He had dark glasses on, and had serious disposition. He had a deep scar across his cheek which suggested he had probably dared a valorous fight. His gestures demonstrated that he cared least for others but expected others to follow his orders. With each of his instructions there was consensus of agreement and dreadful cheer. His voice was authoritative and imperious. There was no scope to raise a question on his orders. Questioning him was considered as questioning his authority and rebellion to this status. There were rules that bound each member of the group. The activities of the group were carried out in secrecy.  Members of the group had to follow the discipline of the hierarchy. The motive of the group was to spread the order and have  people in following and to establish its supremacy and govern the lives of people by the rules of the group. Extortion, kidnapping, terror, intimidation were the basis of the ideology. Opposing the ideals of the group was considered betrayal and was punishable by death. Fear and punishment formed the basis of the ideology.

Far away in a remote place, under a quite, expansive edifice with tall towers, there stood a man with a dark robe that extended from neck to his toe. There assembled a large crowd who listened to the man faithfully. The edifice was silent with only the voice of the man in the dark robe in high pitch. The man’s voice was imperious. His words followed from a book he held that he swore was from a supreme authority who had written the book and who claimed to be proclaimer of the will of god. His words were un- questionable. He quoted from the book and elaborated the meaning. Following the quotes, there was common consensus and a dreadful cheer. Questioning the teachings was considered questioning the supreme authority who spoke through the book. There were rules that bound the followers of that book. Faithful to the book had to follow the discipline of the hierarchy prescribed by the supreme authority. The motive of the authority was to spread the ideology and establish supremacy and govern the lives of people by the rules of the book. Terror, intimidation or deception, if done for the cause of spreading the ideology, was considered righteous duty and forgivable by the supreme. Opposing the ideals of the supreme authority was blasphemous, punishable by death. Fear and punishment formed the basis of the ideology.

Ideals of both were parallel. One had a face that communicated its followers; the other was hidden in disguise. The former had a minority following, the later had following at large, across boundaries.  The former carried out the criminal acts and was known for his notoriety. The later did the same but in anonymity and disguise . The former was considered evil and threat to the society while the other, who was a greater threat, not just for society but the entire humanity was mistaken to be peaceful diviner. Both were sides of the same coin, both followed fanatical order.


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