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Balloons of Hope – The story of AAP

A group of people-very enthusiastic, optimistic and with hopes once planned to go on a sky ride holding a bunch of balloons pumped with gas. There was one master balloon that was bigger than others-multi colored, strange and tensed, with extra gas. Other dozen balloons were filled equally to maximum capacity. With high expectations and confidence and trust on balloons, the group holding the balloons,rose high and high in the sky. They aimed to touch the sun.

As they rose rapidly in the sky, they cheered their unusual success to fly high. As they crossed layers of clouds and came close to the sun, the balloons started to feel the immense heat. The heat created a chemical reaction in the gas inside the balloons and the balloons slowly started to feel the impact. One such balloon burst, as a result of the reaction. Slowly other balloons started to burst one by one. With each burst of a balloon, the group sunk down in air with a big jerk. The bunch of balloons went out of balance and started to rub and hit each other with force. It caused chaos and fear in the group that held and hung to them.

In the utter chaos, some in the group lost control and fell flat on ground to meet sad demise. Some broke their nose, some legs, and teeth few others. As most balloons went burst, the group sunk more, lower and lower, until the ground was in sight. Sensing the opportunity to land, and with a sigh of relief, many left the balloons and jumped and ran. The one’s still holding, tried to grab the ones falling, trying to convince that they will rise again. With little hope, most left and fled. Eventually, countable members, and couple of insignificant balloons with little air, clung to the master balloon, with bleak hope.

The left over balloons neither could rise again, for lack of more air, nor could land safe on ground because of the little air that pushed them up. They hung midway in air, low near ground, struggling to rise and failing to land.

Scene: Balloons of Hope – The story of #AAP
Characters in the scene:
Master balloon – Arvind Kejriwal
Other balloons – Yogendra Yadav, Shazia Ilmi, Mr Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas and other AAP leaders.
Group hanging to the balloons – Innocent #AAP supporters.
Gas in the balloons – Gas of arrogance, over confidence, egoism and anger
The sun – Obvious to the intelligent 


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