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Wouldn’t it be nice, to drive in an environment with no pollution? Wouldn’t it be nice, if we don’t have to dig for oil change deals, emission check deals or exhaust repair deals?

Come electric cars, many pains owing to gasoline cars will be alleviated. Electric cars may eventually replace gasoline cars. It is still a long way ahead, but the glimmer of hope has been lit. Government must be commended, for encouraging no pollution electric cars and also to not kneel before the oil lobbyists, who have hindered the growth of electric vehicle technology since several decades for their personal gains.

The concept of electric car is not new. The history of electric car dates back to 1800s when early inventions in the field of electric car were made in some European countries. However, lack of adequate technology, prevented its commercial success; added to that, the powerful oil lobbies exerted pressure on government to further prevent this technology from maturing.

In recent years, electric vehicle technology has got rejuvenated, because of the liberal government policies towards its development. The excessive pollution of gasoline has also helped to seek for a cleaner solution. It is good news for environment. It is also good news for the coming generation which can hope to see a clean, pollution free environment.

 Some electric cars in market today

With government’s go-green policies, several companies have ventured into manufacturing of electric cars. Some of these companies and their vehicles are listed below.

Company Vehicle
Honda Motors Accord Plug-in hybrid
AMP electric vehicles AMP GCE Electric Vehicle and AMP MLE Electric Vehicle
Azure Dynamics Azure Dynamics Transit Connect Electric Vehicle
BYD Motors BYD e6 Electric Vehicle
Chrysler Fiat 500e
Electric Vehicles International EVI Medium and Walk-In Electric Truck
Electric Mobile Cars EMC E36(7 Passenger Wagon), EMC E36t(Pick-Up Truck), EMC E36v(Utility Van)
Fisker Automotive Fisker Karma Sedan
Ford Motor company Ford Focus Electric,Ford C-MAX Energi,

Ford Fusion Energi

General Motors Chevrolet Volt,Chevrolet Spark EV
Mercedes Benz Mercedes-Benz smart Coupe/Cabrio EV
Mitsubishi motors Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Nissan Nissan Leaf Sedan
Smart USA Smart fortwo Electric Drive Vehicle
Tesla Motors Inc Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S Vehicle
Think Think city
Toyota Motors Toyota Prius Plug-In Electric,Toyota RAV4 EV
Wheego Electric Cars Wheego Life EV


Incentives on owning or leasing the electric cars

Federal and state governments provide tax rebates on buying and leasing of any of these cars. The Federal tax rebate for buyer ranges from $3000 – $7500 on some of the electric cars. Many states provide tax rebate of $5000 on owning or leasing the vehicles. If the calculations on leasing the electric vehicle are done, it turns out that you may either drive the vehicle for free over the lease period, or drive at a negligible price, based on the deal you agree with the dealer. However this government incentive is for a limited time; until the manufacturers reach their production of 200,000 units of these vehicles.

Advantages of driving the electric cars

The biggest advantage of driving an electric car is that these cars are pollution free and help to maintain the environment clean and green. Though the initial prices of these cars are high, owning these cars over a long run turns out to be cheaper since electricity is very cheap as compared to fossil fuel. As the technology evolves, the prices will reduce further. No more oil changes, changing air filters, replacing exhaust, gas leakage, oil leakage or any other costs associated with gasoline.

Challenges in using the electric car

The time to charge these vehicles is the biggest challenge. These vehicles run for 100 miles on average with full charge. Frequent trips which run over 100 miles will need constant charging. Charging the car takes around 4 hours to 7 hours depending on the wattage capacity of the car. Owning or leasing the electric car does not seem ideal for people living in apartment communities because of lack of facility to charge the vehicle. Charging stations are still not that common.

Charging facilities

Several public and private charging stations are available across the country where the vehicle can be charged for some fees. provides a map of available charging stations around you. The electric car dealers also provide free charging  for the car.

What lies ahead?

The electric technology is still in its infancy. In coming years the technology will evolve and mature. Advancements in charging technology may significantly reduce the time to charge the vehicle. Numerous charging stations may come up, just like the gas stations. We may not have to wait for hours for charging but may get done in minutes and hit the road.


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