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I log into WordPress everyday and I wish my post makes it to the freshly pressed list some day.

                        I read the tricks and tips of  “ What makes a post freshly press-able? ”, each time. I religiously follow the advises, and hope my post makes it press-able some time. But Alas!, I always miss the boat… and the same question sticks in my throat… “ When will my post be freshly pressed? 

I read all the freshly pressed posts like a humble cow. Some of them make no sense but still make to the freshly pressed, I wonder “How?”. There are some that are exceptionally nice, and I lament “ Why can’t I too be so wise? ”. There are so many out there which are better expressed, Mine is just a drop in the ocean. “ Oh! Will my posts ever be freshly pressed? “

And then I think “ Wait …Didn’t I start blogging for myself? For my own satisfaction? ” So, why get stressed? ”.  I’m blogging ‘ TO BE FRESH ‘ and not to be ‘ Freshly Pressed ‘ “. Writing and expressing myself in my own words relaxes my mind. Why do I need an endorsement for it of any kind?

No matter what, I will keep writing what feels good, and let my thoughts express in all likely hood. I know , “It will happen one day…. ”. “My post will be pressed… FRESHLY…. Some day… 😉 ”


Comments on: "My post will be pressed….. FRESHLY… Some day!!!" (2)

  1. As my fav writer Somerset Maugham puts it .. “We write not because we want to, we write because we have to”. Keep writing for yourself, the rest doesnt matter. 🙂

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