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“The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma”

That’s the dictionary definition of addition.  Facebook brought in cool concept of connecting with friends and families and also brought in a platform for developing connections for businesses and promoting businesses. The concept of meeting people online or socializing online is pretty cool. Until…it slowly deviates into being a habit to hook for fun all the time. Facebook then ceases to serve the purpose that it was meant for and does not remain a platform for socializing but becomes an addition of a sort. What use to happen with text messaging and telephony in past years is now replaced with Facebook. The thought of logging on to Facebook  is so tempting that it can hit anytime, anyplace, any moment. When you are in bed, in bathroom, waiting for a bus, middle of work, etc.  We are social creatures by nature and look out for ways to quench our socializing desire and, Facebook exactly traps that weakness. Given the technology advancement and the ease of internet usage on the go, with tablets and other smart phones, it is convenient to quickly log to Facebook anytime. However the promise of fulfilling the social need online does not replace the face to face meeting, talking and spending time with friends in real-time.  Most vulnerable to the Facebook addiction are teenagers and women. Especially women who live alone or housewives who have no means of interacting with people in real-time are at higher risk of Facebook addiction because of the nature of the beast.

The urge for logging in to Facebook is so overwhelming that, the first thing that comes to mind once you are out of bed is to check the Facebook to know who tagged us in their pictures, who commented on our posts and pictures, what are our friends up to etc.  Some people however take it to extremes, hooking themselves to Facebook entire day, withdrawn from real world. People who do not find real life enjoyable or who are too reserved to meet people face to face, people depressed with life, those with loneliness find solace in Facebook’s virtual world. Nothing else thrills them other than spending time on Facebook. Spending sleepless nights, staying late at night just to fulfill Facebook neediness, becomes a norm with such kind. They feel obliged to be online just to hangout with other online friends on Facebook with a thought that their friends may be missing them around, which in reality may not be true. Facebooking is also nostalgic, in that in brings back memories of bad times and failed relations when you come across people with whom you had failed relations 😉 . Facebook acts as a fuel to ignite the forgotten memories :). Sometimes addiction to facebook and the fake profiles are also detrimental to real relations. It is easy to fall to the trap of stalkers online and lose out on real relations.

Although Facebook is a great platform  for keeping in touch and networking and having fun when used in moderation, it can become messy when it becomes an unavoidable habit. It is difficult to acknowledge Facebook to be an addiction but I believe it can . True or untrue? Please comment if you agree, you don’t have to press “like” what I wrote however :).


Comments on: "Facebook Addictive Disorder" (5)

  1. Yuvaraj Ladhwa said:

    This behavior of the evolved and modern humans of our time, to the social networks is a perfect analogy to alcoholics and social drinkers. The only difference between the two is that, alcohol consumption produces chemicals in our body which directly influence the nerve centers of brain causing delusion due to malfunction of the nervous system where as addiction to social networking is a means of communication with such large number of people and feel rewarded with joys of being a social being. The term social drinking or moderate drinking is probably a term used to describe a disciplined drinker. Every human being starts as a reluctant drinker then he graduates into a social drinker and fails to realize that he has already graduated into an addict ! No body must have liked the taste of alcoholic drinks until he cultivated it’s taste and gradually got hooked to it. There are no parameters to judge as to how much moderate quantity of alcohol can be considered as right for the disciplined drinking. Regular alcohol consumption starting with small to a gradually increased quantity results in to a miserable status called “addiction”. This happens because the alcoholic keeps pushing his tolerance limits on each passing day and finds himself short of joy (delusion) with the so called social or disciplined or moderate measure of the drink. So how can one quantify a disciplined or moderate measure of alcohol ?
    Thankfully habit of social networking does not lead to delusion or hallucination and should not cause withdrawal symptoms ! As a matter of fact when one gets introduced to a new concept of communication technology his initial enthusiasm dies down over a varying period of time and the graph comes down gradually till one gets to know his saturation limits.
    The present day social networking is certainly not going to be stagnantly permanent feature of our life. Technologies have always evolved and will keep changing in the near future. So enjoy the ever-changing communication techniques as and when they are offered ! This fun is certainly not as harmful as the fantasy world of alcohol addiction ! 😉

    • Dear uncle, love to read your thoughtful insight. Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you that new age social media addiction is not as harmful as alcohol or narcotics and as you mentioned. We need to ride on the wave of the technology as long as we can have fun with it.

  2. Very interesting. I have similar thoughts and have been trying to cut down my FB usage…erm just have to cut down on my blogging now! 😉

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