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Facebook Addictive Disorder

“The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma”

That’s the dictionary definition of addition.  Facebook brought in cool concept of connecting with friends and families and also brought in a platform for developing connections for businesses and promoting businesses. The concept of meeting people online or socializing online is pretty cool. Until…it slowly deviates into being a habit to hook for fun all the time. Facebook then ceases to serve the purpose that it was meant for and does not remain a platform for socializing but becomes an addition of a sort. What use to happen with text messaging and telephony in past years is now replaced with Facebook. The thought of logging on to Facebook  is so tempting that it can hit anytime, anyplace, any moment. When you are in bed, in bathroom, waiting for a bus, middle of work, etc.  We are social creatures by nature and look out for ways to quench our socializing desire and, Facebook exactly traps that weakness. Given the technology advancement and the ease of internet usage on the go, with tablets and other smart phones, it is convenient to quickly log to Facebook anytime. However the promise of fulfilling the social need online does not replace the face to face meeting, talking and spending time with friends in real-time.  Most vulnerable to the Facebook addiction are teenagers and women. Especially women who live alone or housewives who have no means of interacting with people in real-time are at higher risk of Facebook addiction because of the nature of the beast. (more…)


My daughter’s stories

It is amazing how nature nurtures the feeling of self image in us. Each of us likes to paint a picture of our self in our known and unknown dreams.  The little figments of our imagination that keep us excited. Imagination of the impossible, world of fantasy that we call. Stories built upon the imagination we wish should have happened.

While our stories center on the ifs and buts of our lives, stories of kids revolve around angels and princesses and dolls and the dreamlands. In my daughter’s story, which is drawn from her dream, she is always the princess. She likes her dad or grandpa to weave a story for her in which she wants to be the center character. “Daddy, once I met an angel with wings and then what happened, tell me a story about it”, thus comes the request from her sweet innocent voice. And thus the story of the imagination follows from Dad.  “Once you were walking with your dad in a park and we saw an angel flying in the sky above us with her wide silvery wings those shined like star”. As she saw you, she descended down. She asked you, “my little darling, do you like to fly, will you come with me to a dreamland flying along with me?” And then the angel hands out a pair of little wings to you. You wore them and up you go with the angel, flying like a bird, waving your hand to your dad who watches you soar up in the sky. You dive and surf, passing by the silver lined clouds. You visit the dream land, play with other angels. And then off you go back to meet your dad, who is eagerly waiting for you in the park. And down you come, landing swiftly like a bird. You hug your dad, and then we both go back to home happily. The sparkle of joy in her eyes, when she imagines herself in the short little story among her other fictional friends is amusing. “Once I was going through a jungle with Dora and we saw animals and then what happened, tell me a story Dad”, up comes the next demand out like a dart as soon as the one finishes. Demands of such stories go on and on, perpetually. In imagining her stories she puts a puzzle of words and characters which she wants her dad, mom to solve and build the story.

Humans by birth are programmed by nature to create a self image  it seems like. To be known, to be popular, and to be the center of story is built in the human psych from his birth.

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