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I often wonder if our liking for a particular music has anything to say about our personality?. I personally believe it does. The general believe is however that, music affects our mood and feeling, but may not have any significance to define our personality. There has been enough research done on this subject, which states that a particular type of music invokes a particular feeling in us.Like for example, silent and soothing music tends to make us calm and peaceful or, aggressive music tends to make you rebellious, so on and so forth. I guess, music does affect to some extent on our mood and feeling, but at the same time, music also tells something, if not completely, about our personality as well. Let’s analyze a little bit.

Not all people like same kind of music. We all have different tastes of music. Some like romantic music, some religious, some rock, some blues or some rap, hip hop and pop. But rather than looking at likes and dislikes of music of people, let us see the other way round. What makes someone like or dislike a specific kind of music?. People who love hip, dance, pop music are often seen a liking for bars and clubs. Or, should we say, people with an outgoing personality are natural fans of such kind of music and environment?. People who love religious music often tend to visit temples and churches more than those who do not like such kind of music OR , is it because the religious personality in them tends to attract them to that kind of music?. I have seen many bikers and truckers with heavy tattooed bodies and piercing all over, mostly being fans of heavy metal, rap and rebellious music. Such people are often seen to be rough in behavior. Would it be correct  to assume that normally rough and people with wild fascinations tend to like such music?. People who listen to romantic music are normally seen to be romantic themselves. People who like smooth jazz and silent music are often of silent nature themselves. Doesn’t that say, because they are silent by nature they tend to like the music that fits their personality. People who do not like music at all? What about them?. Very few people are seen who do not like music, but the one’s we see, are seen to be of serious personality, unromantic, lacking humor, cold and dry.

I guess we have seen, heard or studied much on how music affects our mood and feeling, but can we also look on what music tells about a person. Perhaps a new of way of predicting personality, just like face reading, body language reading, palmistry……..musicstry ???  :).


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