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Living in USA for a long time, everything outside of USA seems small in size :). Big country,big buildings, big hotels, bigger cars, big people, big burgers.. everything big. If you ask an American it is always “Bigger the best”.  In fact for Americans, whatever is in USA is the biggest in the world :).  So far I have seen 3 biggest aquariums in the world in USA.  As a matter of fact each city has something that is biggest in the world.  There can be more than one biggest / largest in the world only in USA. Ok..jokes apart. My intention to talk about America’s biggest was to compare it with some other developed worlds. Specially the one’s in Europe.

We had to travel through Europe(Amsterdam) to our onward journey and for some unavoidable reason we had to make a stop and stay at a hotel in Airport. We could not go outside of airport to stay because of our visa restrictions. We managed to get the only available hotel in the airport . The hotel was called “Yotel”.  We were three travelling together. Me, my wife and our 2 and half year old daughter. We rented a double bed room. The Yotel looked nice from outside. The receptionist at the entrance was nice and polite. However when asked whether we can see the room before we can rent it to get an idea about the room, she said “You can take a look at the pictures of the room, but you cannot physically go and check out the rooms”. The rooms looked very nice in the pictures. She handed over the key to us.  The alley towards our hotel room looked narrow from American standard. That did not give any idea of how the hotel room looked like.  As soon as I opened the door , and stepped my foot in through the half-opened door, something hit my knee pretty badly. I tried to slowly push the door further to get in. What hurt my knee was the bed frame that extended till the door. We entered the room and to our dismay the room was so small that it looked like a dorm room for bachelor. The bed stretched the entire room with just a little space to walk. The bed was a convertible sofa. You could press a button and it rose up to become a seating. What the heck!, we paid $120 for this hole!. There was no soaps or shampoos nor coffee machine provided which almost all hotels in USA provide. Once you enter the room you have to directly jump in the bed.

Probably that room was meant for newly wed or strangers who wanted a night stand at the hotel, those who would have no time nor patience but to jump in the bed ;P. And whats more,  once they are done with their stuff  they could roll out of bed and fall in the bathroom that was attached to the bed. You wanted to watch your partner taking shower or attending nature’s call, no worries, Yotel had the bathroom all made of glass for you and you could enjoy the scene lying on the bed. And yes, if you want some others to join the fun, just slide the main door a little bit, and they could directly see the view in the bath room. Wow! Europeans are amazing, very open in this case.

There was a small TV in the room which was probably from several decades ago. Looking at the TV I didn’t even feel like turning it on. I felt as though, if I turn it on, all it would play was Hitler’s speech on it. The bed was so small for 2 adults and a kid that we could not sleep the entire night on it. I was on one end of the bed and my wife at the other end and our daughter in the middle. I was afraid that if I turned myself in sleep, I would fall off the bed and smash my face on the commode in the bath room next to the bed. My wife was afraid that she would get trapped in the small passage between the bed and the wall. We lied there entire night staring at the ceiling, talking and cursing the Yotel and comparing it with hotels in USA. We just waited for the day to begin when we would check out and board our flight for our onward journey. Time seemed like it had stopped for us in Yotel. It seemed like a longest night for us. I got up several times , went out for a walk , just to pass the time. At last, the day started. Our flight was on time. We checked out the room. The receptionist gave a wide smile to say bye to us. I said thanks to her and said  to myself thanks for the hole , we enjoyed a day like rats, will never return here again.

I thought to myself that we are lucky to be in USA rather than Europe. “Bigger the best”, yes.. at least some times.


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  1. Hi Lesley, Thanks for stopping by.. glad that you liked my post 🙂

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